Verify Dice Rolls



This tool will help you easily verify a roll. Simply paste in the secret and the roll and press verify. This will output the same SHA1 hash that was displayed before you pressed the Roll Lo or Roll Hi button.

The outcome of the next roll is displayed as a hash before you place your wager. This means the server decides it will roll a 20 before it knows how much you are betting or what your target is. You can verify a roll wasn't changed by copying the "Hash of next roll", then after playing that roll combine the "secret" and plus sign "+" and the roll "20" and perform a SHA1 hash. The resulting hash will be the same as the "Hash of next roll" that was displayed before you played that game.

Example: 9d45f162f6e735a1ee946ac1c4460526e3e7f2c2+43.47=61529ce3ee447392520fb6e4c59ba3ba3b4cb122
Script modified by - alamin
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